About Magoo Mugs

Why choose a Magoo Mug?

Over 100,000 happy customers drink from a Magoo® mug in all corners of the world! Now in partnership with PrintDrop UK.

Often imitated, our unique and funny mug designs are produced in our Cambridge design studio here in the UK. Our mugs have been featured on countless top 10 gift ideas, blogs, magazines,  and even the odd blockbuster Holywood movie.

We understand that your purchase is most likely a gift for someone, so we are not going to send you embarrassing tat! Whilst competitors may be happy to sell you a cheap poorly printed mug, customer satisfaction is what we strive for. We only source materials from reputable suppliers.

We select the best mugs, free from imperfections and every mug is inspected three times during the printing process.

Several of our mug designs have gone viral; you’ve probably liked one of our mugs on social media! We love seeing your purchase, so why not upload your new mug to your favourite site and tag us #themughermit

Thanks for your support and love your mug!

all the best,